Memorial Plaque Program

    WBC vision is “To Connect the Word of God with the World of God” and to provide “campers” a chance to
    relax, escape from their routines, have fellowship with one another, and open their heart and minds to God all in
    the great out of doors.  The WBC grounds have a long and cherished history and have provided 90? years of
    memories that has been written into the hearts and minds of those who have passed through her gates.  WBC
    is looking to the future and the next 90 yrs as we now embark on fund raising efforts and programs in support of
    the WBC Capital and Improvement Fund.  We ask you to join us in “authoring” these next chapters for WBC
    through your financial gifts.                 

    One of the first fund raising programs we are excited to introduce is the WBC Memorial Plaque program.  In
    this program you will have the opportunity to memorialize an individual, family, organization, or bible verse.  

    Some specifics of the WBC Memorial Plaque program:

  • Donation = $200 per plate
  • Name or organization to be engraved on plate
  • 60 plates per each WBC Memorial Plaque
  • WBC Memorial Plaque to be on display in the historic WBC Chapel

    To become a part of the WBC Memorial Plaque program:

  • Make check payable to:  Willerup Bible Camp
  • Mail check to :  C/O Tim Eckblad 3206 Pierce Blvd., Racine, WI  53405
  • Indicate name, family,  or organization you would like engraved on said plate
  • Email: for more information  
  • All contributions are tax deductible and a receipt confirmation will be provided

    Please consider becoming part of the WBC Memorial Plaque program today.  Know that all donations will be
    used to further improve the facilities and other aspects of WBC for current and future generations.  Thank you
    for your help, prayers, and financial support for a place that is so beloved, cherished, and continues to write
    chapters into the hearts and minds of those who step on her grounds and open The Book.    


    Lake Ripley Institute Board     
The Lake Ripley Institute Pledge Commitment

    A ringing bell, the chapel, the smell of the campfire,fellowship with new and old friends, a new or strengthened

    These are a few of the wonderful memories many of us share at Willerup Bible Camp.  For over 100 years,
    Willerup Bible Camp has been a cherished and special place …and it remains so today.  Whether you
    attended Camp as a child, teenager, or adult, you could not help but be touched forever.  Those of you who
    reserve a special week, weekend or even day and travel to Camp, continue the time-honored traditions
    thankfully set by generations before.  If you have not visited Willerup Bible Camp in Cambridge lately…please
    stop by and say hello.  The Camp welcomes you back, awaits your return, and would love the opportunity to re-
    kindle a cherished memory from years gone by, as well as spark new ones for years to come.

    We thank everyone for their prayer and support over the years, and as such would like to offer an update.  
    Many improvements have been made over the years through contributions and by those who have volunteered
    their talents.  A few significant improvements include:

    •        New roofs and gutters on Chapel
    •        Fresh paint on recreational hall, Epworth dorm, staff cottage, and chapel
    •        Remodel of the Olsen Cottage
    •        New Porches on Staff Cottage, Olsen Cottage, and The Chapel

    As you can see, your support is making a difference and is allowing new generations the opportunity to nurture
    their faith and enjoy the Willerup Bible Camp experience.  Thankfully, many traditions and unique Camp
    experiences have not changed over the decades.  

    Unfortunately, many of the Camp buildings and facilities have not changed as well.  Improvements are needed
    to many of the major facilities at Camp.  Primary among these is the Epworth dormitory also known as The
    “NEW Dorm”.  It is in need of new flooring, Paint, and Bathroom updates for starters.

    If there was ongoing revenue all year, we could set goals and fulfill dreams.  Please consider making a
    financial contribution so that we may continue to offer this special place to all.  Our hope is that you would
    prefer to donate continually during the year through an automatic transfer to the Lake Ripley Institute
    Improvement Fund.  All contributions would be tax deductible and a receipt would be provided annually.  

    Click on the link:
    and print out the “Pledge Commitment Authorization”, complete, and mail to:  3206 Pierce Blvd., Racine, WI

    Remember, no amount is insignificant.  If you can give $5, $10, $20, or more monthly, we will be blessed.  
    Again, we thank you for your prayers and continuing support of Willerup Bible Camp.

    Willerup Bible Camp endures today…and with your prayers and financial support will continue to do so for
    generations to come.  Willerup Bible Camp – “Where the SON always shines”.


    Lake Ripley Institute Board
Lake Ripley Institute, Inc. Is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization
    Thanks to donations made in
    Memory of Loved Ones we are well
    on our way to filling the first
    Memorial Plaque.  Thank you to all
    who have participated in this
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